Email Virtual Assistant

Email administration is a particular field of interchanges administration for overseeing high volumes of inbound electronic mail got by an association or a person. Today, email management is an essential component for everyone in routine life. People who are having large responsibilities of a company or business are spending their 35-40% of day in Email inboxes for the information shared to them and which can help them to grow their business or the change they should implement in their work flow. For this kind of people Email management is necessity.

Regular inbox gets number of emails from various recipients who may be or may not be sending the useful information. By the email management you can find out only prioritize and important emails. Sales or promotional emails would directly sent to the junk or spam.

Virtual Email AssistantOur skilled Email Management virtual assistant will manage their each and every email box from personal to professional and will notify or show only those emails which are useful to the mailbox owner. Giving Email management to your DA would help your productivity. For example you have a dedicated assistant from our company who is taking care of your emails and you are stuck somewhere and you want to send 5 emails to 5 different person, you are unable to use your email account, you just have to notify your DA that, this 5 are recipients and the content would be “this” and they will make a whole email and send it to these 5 recipients on behalf of you. Meanwhile you can finish your stuff where you got stuck.

Analyzing every email on day to day node and reaching out to those emails which are so important for you from the whole day, this service will help you. You can rely on DA for taking good care of your contact list and sending them appropriate emails. Our dedicated assistant will give you the summary of whole working day in a single content.

We are providing a Virtual Assistant for Email marketing and Email Marketing campaign via best strategies and portals which helps your business and event on publishing platforms.