Home loan lenders and brokers concur that home loan advance preparing is a protracted and tedious methodology. It requires exceedingly prepared specialists (and a vast emotionally supportive network) to cooperate to move a borrower’s application over the framework and in the direction of closing.

At VassistU, we serve broker community, assisting them with the back-office benefits that spare critical measure of time and cash in the handling of home loan. Our group of home loan experts has immense experience working with loans of each stripe and is altogether acquainted with the complexities engaged with each sort of loan.

Loan Processing Assistance We Provide

    • Document Review

      We audit all the loan application, for example, Forms 1003, W2s, pay stubs, borrower’s authorization, LE etc, ensuring that all fundamental document have been index and complied with state and federal directions. We additionally acquire the proper VA/FHA case numbers on the web.

    • Supporting Documentation

      Our group at VassistU can help customers in gathering all the required supporting documentation. We can likewise arrange flood determination certificate and the hazard insurance for the subject property. That is not all! Additionally we can help you with the mandatory initial disclosures.

    • Credit Scoring

      We do a careful credit verification of the borrower, extracting credit report and verifying credit record, Social Security status, and in addition paying attention to the existing loans, any installment defaults, assessment forms and other apropos data.

    • Verifications

      To confirm the forthcoming borrower’s credential, we perform comprehensive confirmation keeps an eye on all submitted documents, as well as for verification of deposits (VOD), verification ofemployment (VOE), verification of mortgage (VOM), and sale history of property.


Is it safe to say that it isn’t time you received the rewards of globalization by outsourcing your home loan preparing bolster errands to professionals? Give us a chance to deal with the broad printed material and subsequent meet-ups expected to assemble the documentation for each loan. Spare enormous on expenses and time while streamlining your business procedure and concentrating on development with the assistance of our advance preparing guidance for mortgage brokers!. You’ll see that working with us will prompt more prominent consumer loyalty, diminished preparing times, expanded incomes and limited use on enrollment, training and infrastructure.

Get in touch with us now! Give VassistU a chance to be your dependable and savvy accomplice for mortgage loan processing supporter.